All of the boat covers that WALK-WINN sells are sewn at our manufacturing facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. Strong, double-sewn center-seam construction eliminates the leaking and ripping problems common with multi-seam construction. We offer two types of boat cover material at two price levels and all covers come with a separate motor cover/storage bag. Covers fit both I/O and Outboards.


Colors: blue, tan, gray, green, burgundy, red, and black

These covers are waterproof with an elastic cord sewn in the hem and come with the patented quick release cover tie-downs.

Boat Cover


If your boat has an outboard motor, check out our motor covers. Available in five different sizes and the come in our full line of color Sea Breeze covers.

NEED A CUSTOM COVER? The CAD Form shows you everything you need to measure on the boat for a CAD cover. The cover you get will not fit perfectly, but it will fit better than our stock covers and at a fraction of the cost of a custom made cover.

You can further increase your satisfaction by using our 6000 Support Strap, 6070 Support Pole and/or 4200 Felt Protector. Fax or mail a copy of the CAD Form with all dimensions listed to place your order for a CAD Cover.

Finished Boat Cover

This is one of our finished boat covers. Click the image for a better look.

Color Silver
Color Burgundy
Color Green
Color Red
Color Blue
Color Gray
Color Tan
Color Black