Bass Boat Covers

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5 products

Lasting Protection for Your Best Fishing Companion

Your bass boat is your trusty companion during many fun fishing trips. Keep it functional for many years with one of the durable, water repellent bass boat covers from WALK-WINN. We have been the vehicle-cover supplier of choice for almost four decades, and since we opened our doors in 1972, we have always looked for ways to improve the quality of our products.

Keeping boats clean and safe from the elements can be done with ease thanks to boat covers made of the most durable material. If you’re heading out on the water for some bass fishing in any season, you will know the importance of keeping your boat safely covered between sessions. Whether using the boat on a lake, river or even the sea, there are different elements that can harm your boat with long term exposure.

Today, we have a reputation for providing strong, custom boat covers that stand the test of time and the elements. We may have expanded, but at our core remains the same desire to provide functional and heavy-duty products, which drove our company to success.

Custom Bass Boat Covers

A bass boat cover is made of a durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is especially necessary for daily use boats. As you know, bass boats come in various shapes and sizes. Instead of having to settle for a pre-sized cover that may not take into account your unique boat, purchasing a custom cover for your boat is much more ideal.

Custom covers allow for various added parts such as outboard motors, trolling motors and swivel chairs. Speaking of the motor (or motors), bass boat covers can have a specialized outboard motor cover to keep the outboard motor clean.

To find a bass boat cover that is perfect for your specific boat, it’s important to keep in mind all parts and accessories. Filling in your boat’s exact specifications will help decide which cover is best for you. It’s important to take full measurements including distance from the bow to the windshield (or the top of the console), over the windshield (or console top) from bow to stern, and of course the overall length (including the motor).

If your bass boat happens to have a platform, include these dimensions as well if you want it to be covered. To keep your boat easy to spot and unique to those around you, choose from seven different colors for the boat and motor cover. From bold to blending in, there is something for everyone.

Safe From Water and the Elements

From water to algae to even the sun, there are plenty of natural elements that can wreak havoc on the surfaces of a boat. Having as close to a seal as possible where the cover meets the boat is a great way to keep these elements from harming the different materials on your boat.
Rain is kept at bay thanks to the water repellent material used in the cover. The sea breeze material and the poly-tec material both keep rain and other water out, while keeping up with the daily use. It’s pertinent to not cover your boat until it is fully dry. The sun is also kept at bay with this cover thanks to the material which blocks harmful UV rays.

Custom bass boat covers have a strong and durable elastic cord around the entire perimeter of the cover, which helps keep these elements out. If you are using your boat nearly every day and want a quick way in and out, there are also easy-to-maneuver straps that tie the cover down. The added protection of the straps helps put boaters minds at ease when leaving their boat after a nice long day on the water.

A Pleasant Experience Every Time

Buying from us means getting only top-grade products, every time. Our dedicated team sews our products by hand at our facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. To make sure that our custom bass boat covers will stay functional for many years, we use a double-sewn center-seam construction method that delivers heavy-duty products.

We sell them directly to you, so you can be sure you’re getting your custom bass boat covers at ultimately low prices. Here, there are no minimum orders, and we ship your item at the soonest time possible.

A Cover for Every Need

Our stock covers may not fit bigger boats or those with a most complex design, so we offer custom bass boat covers. We use advanced tools and our CAD Form in getting the right measurements and making an accurate design for a boat cover that fits well.

You may choose from two kinds of materials offered at different price levels. You also get to choose your custom cover’s color.

If you need help designing your custom bass boat cover, fill out our form, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.