Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What materials are the covers made of?

ANSWER: Walk-Winn’s Sea Breeze boat covers are made of polyester and nylon. Other covers can be special ordered made from 6 mil Poly-Tec up to 18 oz. vinyl.

QUESTION: How do I know the cover will fit?

ANSWER: If you are unsure of which cover you need, we will be happy to help you decide which cover to choose. You can fill out the dimension sheet and we will suggest a stock cover and/or quote a semi-custom cover.

QUESTION: What is the warranty?

ANSWER: Walk-Winn warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.

QUESTION: What if I tear my cover?

ANSWER: If you tear a hole in your cover and the cover is still serviceable just bring it to us and we will repair it at no cost to you.

QUESTION: What is the most popular color for covers?

ANSWER: Gray is the most popular color.

QUESTION: How do you tie down the boat covers?

ANSWER: In addition to the elastic cord sewn into the hem, the boat covers come with our quick release tie down straps that help to secure the cover.

QUESTION: Can I bring my boat or vehicle to you to have a custom cover built?

ANSWER: Yes, just call us a couple of days in advance to schedule an appointment.

QUESTION: Do you have any factory seconds or returns?

ANSWER: Yes. Call or email us for availability.

QUESTION: Do you sell to dealers?

ANSWER: Yes. Please email us for dealer pricing.

QUESTION: Do you make boat covers to fit Concord boats?

ANSWER: Yes. We have several boat cover patterns to fit Concord Boats.