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10 products

Rock-Solid Protection For Your Boat

Water promotes the growth of unsightly mold, mildew, and algae, which can degrade the upholstery and any wood present in the boat if left unchecked. Your boat needs the best protection it can get, whether you intend to keep it in storage for an extended period or just for the day. WALK-WINN has been a preferred source of durable, water repellent custom boat covers since 1980. For decades, we have been in the business of helping boat lovers keep their investment looking brand new. All boat covers have a full length elastic cord sewn into the bottom hem of the cover to help hold the cover on the boat. Boat covers also come with quick release tie down straps to further secure the cover to the boat. A combination outboard motor cover/boat cover storage bag comes standard as well.

Our custom-made boat covers prevent rain infiltration that leads to mildew and mold growth. Made from a thick material, our boat covers block harmful UV rays from the sun, keeping your boat interiors from fading. Now, you don’t have to worry about leaving your boat outdoors for the day; our covers will keep it protected from unsightly scratches.

Installing a Walk-Winn cover on a boat is fairly simple, especially when you start at the front of the boat because the elastic cord aids in the installation of the cover as you work toward the stern. Then installing the quick release tie down straps wherever they are needed is easily accomplished by following the supplied instructions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our stock covers provide the ultimate protection for any boat, but if you require specific features for your watercraft, feel free to let us know. We fabricate covers from scratch, according to your specifications, at a fraction of the usual custom boat cover cost. We offer our products in different materials and colors, through a proven manufacturing process. Whether you need stock boat covers or custom boat covers for sale, we are ready to cater to your needs.

Custom V-Hull Boat Covers

A custom boat cover gives you the protection you need. By submitting your measurements to the company, a boat cover can be made to fit your specifications. This means your boat is covered from bow to stern without question. This is important for v-hull boats due to the shape and nature of the boat, so that all corners and edges can be easily covered. With a durable elastic cord and optional add-on accessories, you can find the best way to keep your cover in place.

There are plenty of things to worry about that could cause damage to your boat. Some damage is just unsightly, changing the appearance of the boat. Other damage can actually change the performance of the boat itself. Thankfully, a v-hull boat cover from Walk-Winn can help prevent damage due to the elements through rain or shine.

Let the V-Hull Boat Cover do the Work

You might be wondering how a cover for your v-hull boat will fit around a very specifically-made hull. This cover comes with a helpful and very strong elastic cord the entire way around. The cover is pulled down over the rubrail of the boat, no matter how v-shaped. For added protection from the elements and for some peace of mind, there are helpful straps to help keep the cover tied down.

When putting a cover on a v-hull boat, it is especially important to begin at the bow. This ensures the tightest fit and guides the material along the rest of the perimeter of the boat. Of course, the top and interior of the boat should be as dry as possible before being covered to avoid having any mildew grow below.

Safe From the Elements

You won’t need to worry about your boat. Whether the cover is on just for the night or for weeks at a time, the boat will remain protected from the elements.
The cover may also keep your outboard motor safe from the elements, but there is a cover option for the outboard motor, too, if that fits your needs better. All of this can be noted when ordering online and choosing exactly what you want for your boat.

Let the boat cover do the hard work of keeping your investment safe from the elements and looking good at the same time. With multiple colors and different material types to choose from, you can really make your boat cover unique to your needs and your style.