Pontoon Boat Covers

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1 product

Pontoons are a very specific style of boat. The flat appearance and rectangular shape give it a very unique look. This uniqueness may make a pontoon boat harder to find a cover for, but with some custom measurements, you will be able to find a pontoon boat cover that is a good fit.

With lounge areas, platforms and awnings, pontoon boats will have many different angles and sections to consider when purchasing a boat cover. It’s important to store the dry cover in an organized fashion. For instance, put the cover on and take it off in the same way each time to get in the habit of folding and storing in an easy-to-maneuver fashion.

Most boat covers go on best when you begin at the front of the boat, moving your way to the back. Since a pontoon boat is rectangular, you may need to lay the cover out first lengthwise and then work on the four corners. This will depend on what amenities your boat has and the height of any poles or roofs.

Preserve Your Pontoon Boat’s Luxurious Appeal

Keep your pontoon boat looking and working like new, no matter the weather. WALK-WINN offers an extensive selection of heavy-duty pontoon covers that will keep your luxury boat looking great for a long time.

Made from good quality materials, our water-repellant pontoon boat cover protects your boat from the elements, changing weather, and even casual theft. We make our covers from a material that’s durable and will help keep the sun’s rays from fading your interior. As our covers work to keep intruders’ eyes away from your boat, you also get to protect your investment.

Sleek Yet Strong

We hear you – even multi-seam covers sometimes rip. We improved our manufacturing process by using double-sewn center-seam construction to make our pontoon boat covers stronger for longer. With our durable fabric and foolproof manufacturing process your boat stays protected even during inclement weather.

Customized to Your Liking

Do you require a specific feature for your cover? We can handle custom-made pontoon boat covers. Custom covers fit better than stock ones, and we do it at a fraction of the usual price of custom covers. Send us your boat’s specifications, as well as any feature you wish to see on your custom cover. You may also choose the textile, as well as the color, for your custom cover.

Let us help you preserve your boat’s integrity and luxurious appeal. Fill out our form to request a custom boat cover.

Complete Protection

Sun, sea and rain are just a few things that can age a boat quickly. Boat covers are made from a special fabric that not only blocks UV rays, but keeps rain and sea spray out. This is helpful if the boat is in a place where it is exposed to the elements.

This is also very helpful in the rainy season when downpours threaten to keep your boat waterlogged for days on end. The special material is extremely helpful in the hot, unforgiving sun which can fade and harm the surface and appearance of your boat. Keeping the sun and rain away will give your pontoon boat the chance to stay in like-new condition for longer.

Size matters

Fitting pontoon boats up to eight feet six inches wide, the cover is even able to fit over the top roof part as long as it is able to be folded down. It’s important to have exact measurements with the top down to ensure the best fit possible from the cover.

Once you have a custom cover, you will notice the ease with which it covers the boat. With the help of quick release cover tie down straps with quick release buckles, putting the cover on and taking it off is a breeze. You can even move the tie-down straps wherever they are needed on the cover to secure it.

Keeping the upholstery, deck and boat itself protected from rain, sun and bugs are all great reasons to take the time to cover your boat with a custom fitted cover. With easy online ordering, free ground shipping to the lower 48 states, and multiple attractive colors to choose from, there is no doubt you will make the right choice for your pontoon boat.