Upgrade the Capability of Your Walk-Winn Boat Covers

WALK-WINN offers a range of accessories that enhance the performance of your boat cover as well as provide the extra protection it needs against the weather, unexpected events, or intruders.

Our boat cover accessories work to help the covers do their job better. We are proud to present our very own line of boat cover accessories, which includes the No. 6000, No. 4200, No. 6070.

Support Strap

No. 6000

When it rains, water sometimes gathers on the cover, possibly causing it to rip later on. The pool of water could lead to the development of moisture, which contributes to mold growth. No. 6000 is a one-inch nylon belt to keep water from pooling on the cover. Hooks to bow and stern eyes to form a ridge line for the cover. For boats with center line windshield and/or seats above gunwale. Fits boats from 14 ft. to 19 ft.

Self Adhesive
Cover Protector

No. 4200

We use heavy-duty materials in crafting your covers. However, sharp objects may still puncture or damage the fabric. No. 4200 is a durable material made to protect the cover from wear and punctures from sharp objects. A strong, yet soft 28 oz. felt material that you can cut to fit. A full 162 sq. inches of protection-more than enough for the average boat.

Support Pole

No. 6070

If you need extra support, No. 6070 adjusts from 36" to 58". The rubber tipped aluminum pole will protect the boat cover and floor. For use on any cover where support is needed.

Just like our boat covers and all the other products in our catalog, our boat accessories are fair-priced and of high quality. Talk to one of our representatives today for the kind of accessory you need. Fill out our form now.